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Are you planning to move and are you looking for an estate agent?

Selling a house is very complicated and requires intensive efforts and a great deal of forethought. We offer sellers a specialised service needed to sell their house smoothly. As a certified NVM (Netherlands organisation of brokers, auctioneers and valuers) estate agent, we guarantee high quality, full-service help when selling your house. Our goal is to obtain the best price for you. After all, if our clients are satisfied, so are we.


What can you expect if you ask Korporaal & Bertels for advice on selling?

If you approach us for advice on selling your house, we first make an appointment with you at the property so we can see it from the outside and the inside. We will look at the structural condition of the house, the fittings and the location. We will also talk about any relevant issues concerning your house and its potential sale. During this meeting there is ample opportunity to ask questions and state your preferences and requirements in relation to the sale.

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How can we help you best sell your house?

  • Free and obligation-free sales advice
  • Extensive publicity
  • Arranging viewings and accompanying the viewers
  • Negotiating with potential buyers
  • Drawing up the NVM contract of sale
  • Preparing everything needed for the notary public and assisting you on the day of delivery 
  • After-sale care


Free and obligation-free advice on selling + service package

Within a few days of the initial consultation, we will send you our detailed advice on selling your house. This will include: 


  • the price that we expect your house to sell for
  • the advised asking price
  • the brokerage proposal
  • the proposed sales strategy
  • a description of the sales process

After receipt of this package, we will contact you so that we can discuss our advice and the next steps.

Naturally you are not obliged to use our full package of services, but may choose the services that best suit you. This may be the case if, for example, you find a buyer yourself and only want us to handle the sale from there. Korporaal & Bertels NVM estate agents are creative and flexible in this, providing that their activities fall within the regulations and ethics of the NVM (Netherlands organisation of brokers, auctioneers and valuers).



Wide reaching publicity

To reach the widest target group right from the start, it is important to use the right publicity mechanisms to sell your house. We will include our suggestions in our sales strategy. The first thing we do is list the property on the shared system of the NVM. Every potential buyer that has employed the services of an estate agent knows that your house is for sale.

We will also present your property, complete with professional photos and description, on Funda.nl. This enables the buyers who do not use the services of an estate agent to find your property. It goes without saying that we will also place your house on the listings page of our own website and will make an exclusive website for your property with its own domain name that shows the address of your property.

There are plenty of other ways of publicising your house, such as hanging notices on the house or placing a sign in the garden so that passers-by know that the house is for sale. Other means of publicity include taking advertisements in newspapers and/or magazines, making a video, informing other estate agents through an email mailing list and informing large, often international, organisations.

In consultation with you, we will select the publicity that best suits you and your property.


Arranging viewings and accompanying visitors 

One of our estate agents will always be present during viewings of your house by potential buyers. We will plan the viewings in consultation with you and will inform you accordingly at least one day in advance. Our estate agent will inform potential buyers of all relevant issues and provide as much information as possible. After the viewing, we will inform you fully about the reactions of the buyers.


Negotiating with serious potential buyers

Should a serious potential buyer emerge from the viewings, resulting in an offer, we will contact you as quickly as we can to discuss the offer. During the consultation with you, we will assess the offer as well as any terms attached to it. We will check the feasibility of the offer and the terms, for example obtaining financing. We will then consult you on the strategy in line with the offer and terms.


Drawing up an NVM contract of sale

Should agreement be reached with the potential buyer on the price and terms, we will draw up the contract of sale in line with the most recent NVM (Netherlands organisation of brokers, auctioneers and valuers) contract. After both parties have approved the draft contract of sale, we will arrange to have it signed by both parties.


Arranging the process to the notary public

We will monitor the entire process during the period between signing the deed of sale and the conveyance at the notary public. We will check the financing status and ensure, for example, that the deposit is paid in line with the agreements made in the deed of sale. Further, we will receive parties that need to access the residence, such as valuers and surveyors, during this period on your behalf.

As the completion date approaches, we will check the draft deed of transfer and the payment statement. We will then make an appointment with the relevant parties for the final inspection of the property.

After the final inspection of the property, which includes reading the meters, we will accompany you – or act on your behalf in the case of authorisation – and the buyers to the notary public to sign the deed of transfer.


After care

Our service does not stop when the notary public completes the conveyancing and the transfer of ownership is complete. You are always welcome to drop by with any questions and/or comments. We would be pleased to welcome you!

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